Facette – Facettes avec coursdentaire

Facette – Facettes avec coursdentaire

Porcelain veneer – Veneers
porcelain veneer (also called the Hollywood smile or Alvenirz) of the most beautiful dental treatments and most sought-after teeth whitening. Through this procedure the paste very thin crust of cosmetic porcelain thickness of 0.5 mm about the phenomenon on the surfaces of the teeth to transition to a new white teeth as we see in the smiles of many Hollywood celebrities.
What cases are the use of porcelain veneer to her:
* Dental dark
Can be used for porcelain veneer teeth and dark, which did not respond to whitening teeth. It is worth mentioning that the porcelain veneer does not need to whiten your teeth in the future, gets references to white teeth permanently.
* Broken teeth
Porcelain veneer can repair broken teeth because of decay or accidents, or teeth grinding or bad habits Kaled on pens or fingernails.
* Spaces between the teeth
Features of the largest porcelain veneer is its ability to fill the spaces between the teeth are too perfect to give references homogeneous beautiful smile.
* Crowded teeth
Orthodontics is the treatment of choice for the treatment of dental crowding. However, requires this type of treatment a year or year and a number of visits, as well as the can not people in leadership positions or jobs, the Libyan Calendar mode the traditional causes of taste, can shell porcelain modified congestion teeth within a few days, and therefore call this type of treatment calendar immediately.
How much can you live porcelain veneer?
Studies have shown that the porcelain veneer live nearly 10 years, and after this period can be replaced with a new veneer or other cosmetic treatments other. Remember that it has been cold almost 0.5 mm of the tooth, which only makes all the other cosmetic treatments available. Tide can also be the life of porcelain veneer to follow the instructions for oral hygiene and teeth.

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